Miss Karine Huts and KoMASK are joining forces to organize a new international contest titled Marriage stories

The Stories

A wedding dress not only tells the story of the bride and the wedding, but a wedding dress also tells the story of love, sorrow, connection, rite of passage, purity, eroticism, celebration, submission, …
How does a contemporary young artist interpret marriage in the context of the 21st century, what story inspires the artist? What image does it evoke in the artist and how does this translate into an artistic work?
Throughout history, artists already worked around the same themes and came up with a very diverse collection of works. These works highlight the different facets of this connection, freely translated as ‘a marriage story’.

Karine Huts exhibits personal collection of wedding dresses, each accompanied by their unique story. She gives young international artists the chance to share their interpretation of a ”marriage story” with the public in the form of an exhibition with newly created work alongside her collection.
Artists are inspired by an antique dress, a unique story, their personal story. The exhibition will be a journey through new and old stories, traditions, and creations.

All European Academies within the visual arts were invited to participate. Participation is open to all disciplines: sculpture, painting; fashion, costume design, graphic design, jewelry design, drawing, …. All approach is possible: innovative, special, repetitive, 2 or 3-Dimensional, etc. are some of the possibilities.

After preselection on portfolio, the laureates are invited to participate in the exhibition. From these laureates, the international jury chooses the first prize €10 000 (ten thousand €) and the visitors determine the public prize.
In order to set up this unique project, we collaborated with the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts (KoMASK asbl °1788), which has a long history in organizing international art contest and exhibitions and the renowned gallery Campo & Campo.

All the laureates’ works will be published in a unique exhibition catalogue.

Website: www.marriage-stories.be