1. The participating Academies of Fine Arts nominate each 3 graduated masters who use painting techniques in their final thesis (academic year 2017–2018).

2. These nominated masters will deliver 3 paintings.

3. Only paintings of graduating master students in the discipline of painting are eligible for selection. Shipment to the venue of the contest is always at the expense of the participants. The participating academy will collect the paintings of the masters in 1 wooden box (maximum dimensions of the box: height 200cm x width 200cm x depth 100cm). KoMASK will cover the shipment return cost. The works will be shipped back to the participating institutions, not to the individual artists. Works received after the deadline (October 4th 2018), works which surpass the predetermined size (as stipulated in the regulations) or not easy to mount, are not retained for the contest and the catalogue.

4. The works will be insured from the moment they arrive addressed at KoMASK at the venue of the contest until they leave the premises of the contest addressed to the participant or the participants School of Fine Arts. KoMASK does not accept any liability for actions carried out by third parties.

5. KoMASK will not frame the art works. The exhibition will make use of alternative forms of presentation. If framing is a necessary part of a work, it is considered as a not-regular shipping.

6. If works need the support of multimedia devices, then a clear technical manual must be sent well in advance to KoMASK. Digital files must be in a standard file form. Digital equipment is available in limited number and therefore must be requested well in advance. For more specific information, see the application formats and information sheet.

7. The works selected by the participating Academies of Fine Arts must be send to:

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
Attn of: Bart’d Eyckermans
Mutsaardstraat 31,
2000 Antwerp

at the latest on October 4th 2018. Each work must be labelled the ARTWORK document (available as download on the website Every participating master fills in the online registration page on the website of KoMASK ( This online registration page will be available from April 29th 2018. The registration period ends on August 29th 2018. Inscriptions beyond this date will not be valid. Ones registered it is impossible to chance the submitted works (as the catalogue will already be in pre-print).

8. All participating works will be presented to the jury. KoMASK will appoint a curator who will create the exhibition. The curator can decide to reduce the number of works in the exhibition but all participating artist shall be represented by at least one work in the exhibition.

9. The jury, an international group with renown in the art world, will select a winner on 25th October 2018 in the “Lange Zaal” of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. The first prize is €5000. There may be a second and third prize. In agreement with the owner of the winning painting, KoMASK can purchase his or her work for a maximum amount of €3000.

10. The decision taken by the jury is irrevocable and cannot be challenged. The jury may decide not to award the first prize and to award 2 winners of the Masters Salon Painting 2018 (each €2500). The jury commits to communicate its decision clearly.

11. The winner of the Masters Salon Painting 2018 and the winner of the ‘honorable mention’ will be announced during the vernissage of the exhibition, which opens on the 25th of October 2018. The exposition will take place in the “Lange Zaal” of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Venusstraat 36, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium and this from October 26th till November 4th 2018. If the possibility occurs that the exhibition travels to Helsinki- Finland and/or Stockholm-Sweden, each master has to decide to give permission to participate in that event or not on the registration form. In cause the master does not want to participate: he or she can collect his paintings in Antwerp after 5 November 2018.

12. Every participating artist provides a photo (300 dpi) of each submitted work.

13. All valid entries and submitted works will appear in the catalogue Masters Salon Painting 2018. (See

14. All participants will receive y e-mail a number of invitations for the public exhibition. They may use them to invite friends and relatives.

15. Every participant will receive an invitation + one to the VIP-opening that precedes the actual proclamation of the award and the opening of the public exhibition and the artists talks during the day on 25 October 2018. 16. The participants, by taking part in the contest, agree with…

a. all regulations of the contest and the exposition

b. the reservation of the works during the period of the preparation of the contest, the judging and the exhibition period (25/10/18-04/11/18)

c. the publication of images of their works in the catalogue and for use of these images by KoMASK vzw for promotional reasons related to the contest and the exhibition.